Our Foundation

Women’s Care Foundation’s mission is to serve as nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting our women’s health and well-being in our community and supporting our employees.


Steven Greenberg MD

Kiera Irvin MD

Paul Rebenack MD

Sharon M. Desmarais MD

Sheryl Logan MD

Funds from Women’s Care Foundation provide support for our community through volunteerism, grants, and partnerships with nonprofit partners and our employees through scholarships and hardship grants.

Community Grants

As a women’s health care company we have focused our charitable giving in ways that will improve the health of women everyday. Specifically, our giving strategy supports organizations and initiatives dedicated to:

Physical health concerns and/or diseases of women and children

Medicine and/or equipment for the underserved

Mental health concerns of women and children

Support for women and children affected by domestic abuse to include healthcare, shelter, counseling, etc

Organizations can apply for grants one per year. Request are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Employee Scholarships

Our scholarships offers full time employees or their eligible dependents the opportunity for a $1,000 scholarship.
The scholarship program application period for the 2021 - 2022 academic year was from July 26-August 8.

Employee Hardship Grants

Our hardship grants provide short term, immediate financial relief to employees who have suffered significant harship as a result of a:

natural disaster

family death

medical emergency

personal emergency

The grant award is up to $1,000. If you are an employee who is interested in applying for a hardship grant, please contact Human Resources.

To support women in Florida, please consider donating to the Women’s Care Foundation.